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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

January 3, 2012 Janice had a Tysabri infusion.  After much discussion with her physician we decided to give it a break and see how she did without it.  Again we are weighing all options and risks.  Unfortunately on May 22, 2012 she began relapsing.  May 24, she started a three day IV steroid regime.  May 27 we went into the hospital for five days of plasmapheresis treatment. June 1, she returned to work and by June 9 her symptoms worsened so we returned to the hospital for three days of IVIG treatment this time.  June 15 Tysabri was restarted but much damage has been done which will take much time to heal.  Warning to Tysabri users, be prepared for a major relapse if you stop this drug and no amount of treatment seems to halt the progression.  As for prospective stem cell seekers, you have been provided with the information I have and I hope this allows you to make a more educated decision.

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