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Thursday, April 15, 2010

Three Months Post Infusion

It has been three months since the stem cell infusion, and we have not seen any change. Janice has not seen any improvement nor has she regressed.

At her follow up Neuro appointment we discussed the results of her MRV. It was normal. Next we will need to have the doppler study done to further determine if the veins are not occluded.

This past week, we have been discussing alternative therapies. We have discussed nutritional supplements, and even discussed bee sting therapy- although we were not to serious about the latter. Janice has been taking supplements and I continue reading more about the benefits of these. But bee stings?

Last weekend Janice participated in a fund raising event for the diabetes association. Yes it was also the weekend of the MS walk, but she preferred to ride her bike out to the lake for this event. During this event she started one of the alternative therapies. She was stung by a bee- for the first time ever, and I might add that she did quite well with it, only complaining of pain for a short time, stating that she was too busy riding to really notice.

We have updated Prof. Slavin on her condition, and he responded that he is working on newer methods so in the future he may be able to accomplish much more. And he will keep me informed when he will be ready with a second generation of MSCs. We were kind of hoping that round one would do the job, but will be up for a second round if need be.