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Thursday, June 30, 2011

Summer 2011

1) Triathlon completed and still plenty of energy left to smile and look cute!

2) MS fatigue?

3) It's 7:00 AM and the tri-athletes are in the water beginning their swim. (The smart ones are on the beach watching.)

4) Drinks in both hands and tucked under her arm, and the nearest bathroom is a mile and a half away. No wonder she can run so fast!

5) Whats the best way to prepare your feet for miles of swimming, biking and running? Fresh pedicures of course!

I began this blog with the intent of posting stem cell information and updates on Janice’s progress after the stem cell infusion but am thinking it may just take the direction of Janice and her journey with MS. We are now one and a half years post infusion and I am pleased to say that Janice has been doing very well. Two weeks ago she completed the speech-language pathology program at Nevada State College and I couldn’t be happier for her. Her final year taking these courses was amazing. She seemed to be more focused and really enjoyed working with the kids. She remains in great physical shape, continuing with work out sessions daily. She has not had a relapse since July 2009 which pleases me to the ends of this earth.
So back to the question, is it the stem cells, is it Tysabri or is it the gluten free diet? 67% of Tysabri treated patients remained relapse free at two years. That is not 100%. I think we will know better what effect the Tysabri has upon her when it is stopped. Gluten free diet alone has helped her because of her Celiac disease which definitely will slow down the immune response, but for MS it is recommended that one eliminates gluten, dairy and legumes. If I had to guess I would say all three are having equal effects, but that is purely my subjective thoughts. Janice has an MRI scheduled in July.
On June 12, 2011 Janice and her sister Cheryl competed in a triathlon in Redondo Beach, CA and again Janice performed very well. It was her first triathlon with the swimming portion in the ocean. Cheryl, who competed for her very first time in this event, inspired all of us to consider competing as a family next year. (I just said considering this okay?)
Have a great summer. We are all wilting in this Las Vegas heat and are impatiently awaiting autumn's arrival.