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Sunday, January 24, 2010

About Us

My name is Melinda and I am the mother of three kids, Cheryl, Janice and Brad. My kids are great, and I love them dearly. (I know-that's a mom speaking). Last year Janice was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. God has a plan. We know that He has chosen Janice for a reason. It was so heart wrenching to have this diagnosis join us for a lifetime, but I know He is in control and will take care of our family. After the initial shock of the diagnosis, I began my search for treatment and support for my daughter. In doing so, I came across the MSWorld forum. It was there I discovered that there are many people with MS, all so very willing to share their experiences, and all wishing for a better treatment available to them. These people have become very dear to me. My daughter was diagnosed with MS in March 2009, and after several relapses, I discovered a treatment that many people were doing. Stem Cells! I remember after discovering this thread on the MS Forum in July feeling like there was some hope to slow down the progression of MS, and together (Janice and I, Ryan and Bob our S/Os) started exploring this treatment more seriously. We discovered that there are several places worldwide offering stem cell treatments, and after learning more about each, we sought out more information on the procedure done at International Center for Cell Therapy and Cancer Immunotherapy.

I feel gratitude to those who went before us, paving the way, and posting with great detail, step by step information on how to contact Professor Slavin, details of their own experiences and any information they have gained regarding this. With this information, Janice and I agreed we must give it a try. The purpose of this blog (with Janice's permission) is to keep our family, friends and fellow MSers informed of Janice's progress, and perhaps expose others to new ideas. - Melinda


  1. Thank you for posting this blog. You will, no doubt, help many other people. Your details about Sis' progress are so important. It was hard for me to read and relive the early days of her diagnosis; but you have really moved on and aggressively fought back. I continue to research the world wide for more information, too. All my love to Sis. She has amazing strength in both body and character. I look forward to hearing about her rehabilitation as the stem cells do their work. Beth

  2. Beth, I am so glad you found the blog and already know what to do with it. Thanks for all the info you gather for us. I love reading it all. M