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Thursday, February 25, 2010

Six Weeks Post Infusion

It has been six weeks since the infusion. Janice has had no change with the numbness to her hands and feet. She says she still has the fatigue . . . . but . . . . Bob and I have noticed a difference. We both feel that her energy level has increased in the past two weeks. She has been out riding her bike more and going for a run almost daily. She is talking about her next triathlon. If there is change, it is very gradual, and she does admit there may be a slight decrease in her fatigue.

Okay, I wrote this today, Thursday which is my day off. I spent the day home enjoying the day, and searching for more information on MS. This evening when Janice came home, she was tired and it showed. She said she was tired all day. So with all that said in the previous paragraph, I am hoping today was just an off day for her.

On a different note, with all the hype about CCSVI, Chronic cerebrospinal venous insufficiency the new discovery of by Dr. Zamboni of Bologna, Italy. my ears perked up a bit and investigative skills slowly kicked in. (With much encouragement from Beth-Thanks Beth)-It's hard to coordinate the different avenues presented but I will continue on until I hear the word "Cure". Janice has an appointment for an MRV on March 4th. Hopefully this test will determine if she has inadequate venous blood flow from the brain causing the iron to build up in her brain. I am finding that the doctors that were initially willing to treat this problem are not accepting new MS patients after a short time. Again, we will stop at nothing in our quest for the cure.


Some links to more info regarding CCSVI:

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http://liberation-treatment.com/liberation-treatment/ccsvi Information about the Liberation Treatment for Multiple Sclerosis

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  1. the UK petition is well on its' way to 10000! :) check out ms-ccsvi-uk on facebook.